Setting Up the Template Wizard


Enabling extensions for the Template Wizard

  • Enable template extensions and pods from the Advanced Apps menu.
  1. From the Desigo Optic homepage, open your project.
  1. Select the three horizontal bars in top-left.
  1. Scroll down to Advanced Apps.
  1. Select Settings.
  1. Under the right-hand Legacy Settings menu, select Ext.
  1. To enable or disable an extension or pod, select the two dot columns to the right.
  1. To undo, select the two dot columns again.
  1. Enable the TemplateWizardExt extension.
  1. Enable the FinDbBuilderFormsExt extension.
  1. If you are using a Siemens template, enable the following extensions:
  • Siemens2dResources,
  • SiemensDXRResourceExt (DXR templates using imperial units.)
  • SiemensGlobalDXRTemplates (DXR global templates using metric units).
  • SiemensGlobalPXCTemplates (PXC templates using metric units)
  • SiemensTemplates
  1. If using FST files, follow the process on how to add those to the project FST files.
  1. Refresh the browser.
  • You will now find the Template Wizard App available in the App Launcher under System Integrator Apps.

After you have enabled the required extensions, you can create templates using the Template Wizard. To open the Template Wizard, select > System Integrator Apps > Template Wizard .