The sineWave block allows you to create their own custom sineWave for points.

The sineWave block can be found in the Block Library under Math.

sineWave block

Using the sineWave Block

After you have created or opened a new or existing program in the Runcycle, the sineWave block can be used inside different other blocks like: SET, IF, RETURN.

  1. If there is a Set block and you want to have the a numeric point be controlled by the sineWave block to make it fluctuate, select the point to Set, and then select sineWave.
  1. Once you select that block, it displays with min, max, and period options.
  • Min - Indicates the minimum value you want it to go
  • Max - Indicates the maximum value you want it to go
  • Period - Indicates how long to complete a wave (ie min-max-min-max (in minutes)
sinewave block