1. In the Graphics Builder slider menu, click Menu.
Graphics Builder slider menu.
  1. Click Miscellaneous.
Miscellaneous slider menu
  1. In the Miscellaneous slider menu, click one of the following:
  • Backup
  • Restore

① Back up a Graphic

  1. In the Miscellaneous slider menu, click Backup.
  • The Folio Download dialog box displays with required fields.
  1. Click Backup and then click BackupInclude Refs is selected by default. This is the recommended setting. again to complete the download.
  • A success message displays.
    A copy of the zip file is now saved in the Files section of Folio.
  1. Do one of the following:
  • Download to download the zip file.
    If you click Download, a Save As dialog box displays to choose where to save the zipped file.
  • OK to manually download the zip file later.
  • You now have a backup file of the selected graphic(s).
Folio Download required fields




Filter of what you would like to view and download. By default, this field auto-populated based on your current location in the building hierarchy.
To change the filter and refresh the list, clear and then reselect the Record Selection check box.

File Type

Options vary depending on the filter you selected.
For graphics, select Zip (the default).

File Name

Specify the name of the zip file to download.
The information in this field does not change the graphic name.

Preserve IDs checkbox

Select this check box to keep the current IDs of the selected files.
By default, this option is selected.

Record Selection

Select the files to download. The available files are based on the selected Filter. Select All is the default.
To download a specific file, select it in the list. This will unselected the rest of the files.


② Restore a Graphic

You can restore and overwrite an existing graphic with new changes that were made.

  1. In the Miscellaneous slider menu, click Restore.
  • The Folio Upload dialog box displays, allowing you to select the backup zip file that contains the graphic(s).
  1. Complete the following options in the Folio Upload dialog box.
  • Choose File: Select the zip file that contains the graphics.
  • Upload As Text: This can be ignored for graphics. An example use case is when wanting to upload funcs as text instead of using a file. Then you can select if you want the text uploaded as Zinc, Trio, or XML.
  • Overwrite Existing Records: Selected by default. When selected, any existing graphic is overwritten with changes that were made. When cleared, the backup graphic is restored with new IDs so that any existing graphic is not overwritten.
  1. Click Upload.
  • The Finished dialog box confirms that the graphic was uploaded, and it can now be found in the Graphics Builder App.

If you open a duplicate graphic while the original is also open, This project is already open dialog box displays because the ID of the world of both graphics is the same.
To resolve this problem, open one of the graphics and select the world.
In the Advanced Properties of the world, change the ID for the graphic and then save.