New Graphic

Opens a new or empty graphic.

Open Graphic

Allows you to select a graphic from an existing project.

Save Graphic

Saves the current graphic.


Save As Graphic

Allows you to save your current graphic as another name.

View Assets

Allows you to view any assets (models, images etc) that have been uploaded.


Allows you to undo the last change/action.


Allows you to redo the last change/action.


Allows you to cut certain objects out of the Builder.


Allows you to copy an object in the Builder.


Allows you to paste an object that was copied to the clipboard

Selection Tool

Standard cursor that allows you to select objects.

Polygon Tool

Allows you to draw a free form polygon shape, that is saved as an SVG.

Polygon Edit Tool

Allows you to edit an existing Polygon SVG.

Rectangle Tool

Allows you to draw a square shaped poly.


Allows you to draw a circle shaped poly.

View Database (Query Control)

Allows you to query records and tags from the graphic.

Hide / Show

Hides or shows the Builder menus.