You can use special curConvert options to manipulate the curVal of a point. These options only display with connected points.

If the point is writable, add the writeConvert instead of curConvert, so it writes the correct value back to the device.

How to use curConvert Options

  1. Select > System Integrator Apps > DB Builder .
System Integrator Apps > DB Builder
  1. Expand the Equip tree and select an available equip.
  1. Click Advanced View.
  1. Make sure you have a connected point.

CurConvert Option for Read-Only Points

  1. In the Reading section, click the drop-down arrow in the curConvert section.
curConvert drop-down
  1. Select an option from the drop-down.
  1. Click Save.

WriteConvert Option for Read & Writable Points

  1. If the point is writable, apply both the curConvert and writeConvert options to the point.
  • The writeConvert is needed in order to convert the value back to what it was originally to be able to send to the device.
  1. Select an option from the drop-down, modify it, and then click Apply.

Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa

  1. Add curConvert str tag with value being "°C => °F".
  1. Change the point unit to "F".
    Disable and re-enable connector.
  1. If writable, add writeConvert str tag with value being “F => C”.
    Disable and re-enable connector.

Scaling ranges

To convert a 20% - 100% (2-10 v output) to 0% - 100%, use the below for curVal and/or write if point is writable. If commanded to 0, it writes 20 to the device.

  1. Add curConvert str tag with value being "reset(20, 100, 0, 100)"
  1. If writable, add writeConvert str tag with value being "reset(0, 100, 20, 100)"
  1. Disable and re-enable connector for the changes to take effect.

curConvert (point with no unit)

If there is a point that has units on the connector but does not display in DB Builder, there is a special curConvert that can be added to add the unit.

Number to Enum

This tool was created to configure and apply, for those that have numeric points and want to convert them to enum.
For more information, see Number to Enum. (Available in v183 or newer).

  1. Import the points to Desigo Optic as they are (numerics).
    Make sure they have no units.
  1. Create an enumMeta record that contains the enum functions and values.
  1. Create a new record in Folio App with the enumMeta marker tag and save it.
  1. Specify the function and values.
  1. Select the point(s) that will reference the new function.
  1. Use Apply Batch Tags to change the point from a number kind to string like this: kind:"Str"
  1. Add curConvert string property tag with value.

Optional: If you want to command it, add a writeConvert string property tag on the point with the value being whatever function you want.