The Property Editor is an advanced editor that allows you to add or modify applicable tags, and to see all available tags on selected records or common tags if multiple records selected under Equip Tree.

To open the Property Editor, click .

Property Editor callouts

Used to filter for certain tags found in the Property Editor. Allows to discover if a tag exists on that record.

Displays the marker tags on the record.

Displays the property tags on the record.

Has tips on what can be done using the Property Editor.

Displays buttons such as Add and Close.

Copy Tags

  1. To copy locked tags, click on the right side of that property tag.
  1. Click Apply.

Removing Tags

  1. To remove tags, click .
  1. Click Apply.

Modifying Tags

Property Editor dialog box
  • To modify existing tags, select the tag name or value depending on what they are modifying.
  • To modify property tag names or values, select either one.
  • Depending on the properties, you can also have a drop-down menu for Editor, Suggested Refs, or Select Units.
Tag types dialog box
  1. You can change the tag type by selecting the circle icon on the left side.
  • A dialog box displays with different available tag types.
  1. Select the first box and enter the tag name.
  1. Enter a tag name and use the Tab or Enter keys to move to the next box or just manually select it.
  1. Enter the value for the tag for a property tag.
  1. To add a marker tag, click Enter twice.
  1. To add multiple at one time, separate them with a semicolon.
    foo; description:"example"; onDemand:true