DoorController lock of ACC-AP is automatically deleted and unassigned from the door when ACC-AP is unregistered with Building X Devices application.

For deleting Salto Nebula locks and gateways consider the following:

  • You cannot delete a SALTO Nebula lock if the lock is enrolled (commissioned) or unknown.
  • You cannot delete a gateway if locks are assigned to the gateway.
  • If you delete a lock that is assigned to a gateway, the lock is automatically removed from the gateway.

Follow the below steps to delete a lock or a gateway:

  1. In vertical navigation, open Configuration > Locks.
  1. Select the lock or gateway from the list that you want to delete.
  1. Click Delete.
  1. In the message box, click Delete.
  • The lock or gateway is deleted.
  • The assignment of the lock to the door is removed.