You can use the virtual credential from the mobile device to gain access to the doors assigned.

Here you can configure the virtual credential and download the configuration parameters which are required to configure the readers.

  1. In vertical navigation, open Configuration > System settings.
  1. Under Settings, select Virtual credential.
  1. Click Edit to update the default configuration of virtual credentials.
  1. Make the following settings:




Security Manager creates the virtual credential with a fixed length from 6 to 14. It is therefore necessary to state the length supported by the PACS concerned.


Security Manager typically creates alphanumeric virtual credentials, i.e. consisting of upper case and lower case letters as well as numbers, for example LG12xFXz. This enables a large number of character combinations and helps to avoid duplications. If the PACS concerned only supports numerical virtual credentials, this must be stated here.

Select the entry in the drop-down list corresponding to the credential number configuration in PACS.

  • Prefix LG + characters [0-9a-zA-Z] for alphanumeric credential numbers
  • Prefix 99 + digits [0-9] for numeric credential numbers

Enable version number

If the version number of the badge is checked in the PACS, you must also activate this function for the virtual credential. By activating the check box, the version number is assigned to the specified credential number.

You can choose one of the following:

  • No: Disables the ability to change the version number to the virtual credential.
  • Yes: Enables the ability to change the version number to the virtual credential for the Siveillance Access Mobile smartphone app.
  • Append&Show: Enables the ability to change the version number to the virtual credential for both, the Siveillance Access Mobile smartphone app and the transmission to PACS.

If Yes or Append&Show is selected, the version number will change to the assigned credential number. In this case the number entered in the Length field must be increased by 2.

NOTICE! A fixed value of 01 is used as the version number and cannot be changed.

When the credential length, format and version number are configured for the first time, the Project ID, Project ID (hex), Mobile app ID, Mobile app ID (hex) and File ID gets generated automatically from Legic Trust Center and displays as read-only options in the Virtual credential.

  1. Click Save.
  1. Click Download to download the virtual configuration parameters.
  • The virtual configuration parameters are downloaded in a text file along with EncryptionKey, ReadOnlyKey, ReadWriteKey and WriteOnlyKey. The keys are generated from the Legic Trust Center based on the configuration completed. For more information refer to PACS specific documents.
  • You have configured the virtual credential.
Avoiding Costs

The configuration in System settings can be updated if necessary. In this case all virtual credentials are recalled and then generated again. This can lead to considerable costs.