The following user interface elements can be found on the dashboard:

UI element

UI element name


All sites

The All sites drop-down list displays all sites you have created.


The Tags drop-down list displays all tags you have created.


The Import button provides the possibility to import log or audit trail files from subsystems connected.


The Report button provides the possibility to generate reports. The report is displayed in the preview mode. The preview mode allows you to view the resulting PDF before it is generated.

What's new

By clicking the What's new button, a pop-up window is displayed. It provides you with information about new features and enhancements as well as the date of their release. The description of the latest features developed is displayed first.


The Search bar provides users with the possibility to efficiently search for devices within the application. You can initiate searches by entering keywords or device names. The Search bar provides real-time results as users type, ensuring that the displayed options dynamically update to match the evolving search criteria. By default, the search behavior is to display results that contain the specified search term. The matches are based on the presence of the desired term within the search results. Alternatively, you can refine your searches by performing a focused search based on the initial characters of device names.

Select site

The Select site drop-down list displays sites you have created.

Select tag

The Select tag drop-down list displays tags you have created.


The Assign button allows you to either assign devices to sites or tags to devices.


The Unassign button allows you to either unassign sites from devices or remove tags from them.


The Add button enables you to create either new sites or tags.


The Edit button provides you with the capability to edit either existing sites or tags.


The Delete button provides you with the capability to delete sites or tags.