Follow the below steps to create the door:

  1. In the left navigation pane, click Configuration > Doors.
  1. Click Add.
  1. Enter name of the door, which is mandatory.
  1. Enter a description, if required.
  1. In the Lock section, click Assign lock.
  • A dialog box Available Locks opens.
  1. Select the lock from the list. NOTICE! Use the Search field to search for a particular lock.
  1. Click Assign. NOTICE! You can assign a SALTO Nebula lock to the door, only if the lock status is enrolled (commissioned).
  • The lock is assigned to the door and you can see the assigned lock information like lock ID and the lock assigned time.
  1. Click Save.
  • The door is created.
  • The door status displays as Lock assigned.

If the lock is not assigned to a door, then the door status displays as No lock assigned and a red mark appears on the door icon in the list view.