Before installing SiPass integrated Sync Agent, ensure that you follow the below mentioned prerequisites:

  • Install SiPass integrated Sync Agent based on SiPass integrated version, respectively.
  • Ensure that you have the administrator privileges to install SiPass integrated Sync Agent.
  • Ensure that the previous version of SiPass integrated Sync Agent is uninstalled.
  • Ensure that you install SiPass integrated Sync Agent in appropriate deployment scenario and all the system requirements are available or installed. For more information, see: Deployment Scenarios, System Requirements.
  • Ensure that the features are compatible with SiPass integrated and SiPass integrated Sync Agent. For more information on features, see: Compatibility Matrix.
  • Ensure that you import the files from the respective ISO folders shown in the table below to make the custom fields available in Cardholder and Visitor applications of SiPass integrated:

SiPass integrated Version



Custom Fields

SiPass integrated MP 2.85

\Tools\Virtual Credential Custom Page


Enable Siveillance Access Mobile Virtual Credential checkbox

SiPass integrated MP 2.90

\Tools\Virtual Credential Custom Page


Enable Security Manager Virtual Credential checkbox

\Tools\SecurityManager Custom Page


  • Department ID
  • Location