The below example provides a use case of what a Rule Editor user is able to offer to a customer and what the customer is able to view in Customized portals.

  • As a Rule Editor user, I would like to offer my customer a portal to visualize the occupancy level in an Art Gallery at any given time.
  • As a customer, I would like to see the current occupancy of the Art Gallery I intend to visit.

A step-wise instruction to create a simple alarm counter in Rule Editor is given below:

  1. In vertical navigation, select Configuration > Rules.
  1. On the main workspace of Rule Editor, add the Activity Feed node and double-click.
  • The Property pane opens.
  1. Enter the Polling Interval time to poll the events from SIPORT to Sync Agent. The default value is 30 seconds. It is recommended to maintain the default value and not enter a value lower than that to ensure events are polled successfully from the SIPORT Sync Agent.
  1. Add the rbe node to allow only new messages from Activity Feed.
  1. Add the split node to process multiple messages as one message.
  1. Add the switch node to filter only access granted events.
  1. Add two more switch nodes and place them in a group.
  1. Double-click and configure one of the switch nodes to filter events from access readers at the entry, for example add Art Gallery Reader#1 and Art Gallery Reader#3.
  1. Configure another switch node to filter events from access reader at the exit, for example add Art GalleryReader#2 and Art Gallery Reader#4.
  1. Add the function node and configure to increment the count, for example add msg.increment = +1.
  1. Add one more function node.
  1. Double-click and configure to decrease the count, for example add msg.decrement = -1.
  1. Add the counter node and split into two outputs: Count and Occupants. When an occupant enters or exit the premise, the count is adjusted accordingly.
  1. Place the counter node and the function node in a group.
  1. To visualize the occupancy count on the dashboard, add the chart node and assign it to a group. The debug node is optional. Add the debug node if you want to test the flow and see the result in the debug window in the side bar.
  1. Click Deploy.
  • A Connected status is displayed below the Activity Feed node.
  1. Simulate an access granted event.
  1. In vertical navigation, select Monitoring > Customized portals.
  • You can see the counter moving up and down in Customized portals.