Sometimes data loss may occur which cannot be recovered. Rule Editor does not provide any uptime operational guarantee or back up mechanism to recover the data.

It is therefore recommended to store the flows in the local system using the Export and Import menu options.

Exporting Nodes

  • Configuration > Rules is displayed.
  1. Click the icon on the far right corner in Rule Editor.
  • A pop-up window opens.
  1. Click Export.
  • The Export nodes window opens.
  1. You can download the nodes using any of the following options:
  • If you want to export the nodes of the current flow, select current flow tab.
  • If you want to export the nodes of all flows, select all flows tab.
  1. Click Download.
  • A Json file flow.json gets downloaded.
  1. Store the file in your local computer.
  1. Double-click to open the Json file.
  • The file contains the attributes relevant to all the flows.


Importing flows

  1. Click the icon.
  1. Click Import.
  • The Import nodes window opens.
  1. To import the Json file from the stored path in your local computer, perform one of the following steps:
  • Open the Json file, copy the text and paste in the console window.
  • Click select a file to import to import.
  1. Import the nodes to the current flow tab or to the new flow tab.
  1. Click Import.
  • A warning message opens:
  1. Choose one of the following options:
  • Cancel: Cancels the importing of node.
  • View nodes: Displays the Import nodes window. If you want to create a copy or replace the existing nodes, then mark the relevant checkbox besides the nodes on the left-hand side and right- hand side respectively. Click Import Selected to import.
  • Import Copy: Displays a status message with number of imported nodes, workflows and groups.