The PPCL Editor allows you to modify PPCL Programs. You can load existing programs from the controller to your device and modify them to fit your system's needs using PPCL.

Use this procedure to edit a program in the PPCL Editor.

  1. Click PPCL Editor from the main menu.
  1. Click the Select Program drop-down menu and select a program.
  • Once loaded, the program will appear in the work area.
  1. Click on the line you want to edit to modify the program.
  • Press CTRL+F to search for text in a program.
  1. Click Save to send the modified PPCL Program to the controller.

NOTE: You must save the changes you make to a program before loading a different one. If you try to load a different program before saving your changes, the following dialogue box will appear:

Click Cancel to return to the program that is currently loaded into the PPCL Editor. Click Don't Save to discard the changes. Click Save to save your changes before navigating away from the PPCL Editor.