Event Enrollment objects are stand-alone alarm objects that change their status based on the condition of another object. The purpose of an Event Enrollment object is to identify an event (for example, exceeding of an alarm level) and to provide a connection between the event occurrence and the transmission of notification messages to one or more recipients.

Use the following procedure to create a new Event Enrollment object with the Templates application.

  1. Click to open the template’s properties.
  1. Configure the core properties.
  • Click to save.
  1. Click to create the object.
  • The object has been created.

You can further customize the Event Enrollment object’s properties or delete the object in Object collection > Event Enrollment objects.

Pre-existing objects can be configured as an Event Enrollment object using the button. See Creating Event Enrollment objects for more information.

If you start to edit an object template and make a mistake, you cannot discard changes and start over. Therefore, you must click to finish creating the object and then click to delete it.