The Hardware selector application allows users with the correct privileges to select a P1 or MS/TP port for your object and displays it in Device > Infrastructure. Any combination of P1 FLN and BACnet MS/TP routing ports can be configured on the same PXC7.A device. Up to 3 COM ports can be configured for P1 FLN on PXC.A ports COM1, COM2, and COM3. Up to 96 devices in total are supported on 3 P1 FLN trunks. Higher performance is achieved when devices are distributed across the 3 ports with no more than 32 devices per trunk. The PXC7.A will poll the individual ports simultaneously.

Use the following procedure to configure a COM port.

  1. Go to Application > My folder > Hardware setup.
  1. Click on the COM port you want to setup.
  • The selected COM port will disappear from the list.
  1. Go to Device > Infrastructure.
  • The COM port will display in the standard object list with a configuration error. To clear the configuration error, you must modify the communication port's properties.
  1. Click to open the hardware’s properties.
  1. Configure the Network number.
  • Click to save.
  1. Configure the BACnet MAC address.
  • Click to save.
  • Hardware setup is complete and can be viewed in Device > Infrastructure.