The Hardware setup application allows privileged users to configure a P1 or MS/TP port on a controller. Any combination of P1 FLN and BACnet MS/TP routing ports can be configured on the same PXC7.A device. Ports COM1, COM2, and COM3 can be configured for P1 FLN on a PXC.A. Up to 96 devices in total are supported on three P1 FLN trunks. Higher performance is achieved when devices are distributed evenly across the three ports, with no more than 32 devices per trunk. The PXC7.A will poll the individual ports simultaneously.

Use the following procedure to configure a COM port.

  1. Go to Application > My folder > Hardware setup.
  1. Click on the COM port you want to setup.
  • The selected COM port will disappear from the list.
  • NOTE: If you are configuring a P1 COM port, hardware setup is complete after Step 2. To setup a BACnet MS/TP COM port, continue with Steps 3-6.
  1. Go to Device > Infrastructure.
  • The COM port will display in the standard object list with a configuration error. To clear the configuration error, you must modify the communication port's properties.
  1. Click to open the hardware’s properties.
  1. Configure the Network number.
  • Click to save.
  1. Configure the BACnet MAC address.
  • Click to save.
  • Hardware setup is complete and can be viewed in Device > Infrastructure.