Main menu

  • Object view
    Displays the work area, tree view, search bar, root icon and breadcrumb navigation.
    Object view
  • Configuration
    Submenus allow you to navigate, view, and engineer different device functions.
  • PPCL editor
    Allows you to edit PPCL programs in the web interface.
  • Date and time
    Displays the date and time.
  • About
    Displays information regarding corporate information, privacy policies, terms of use, open source licenses, and applications.
  • Account menu
    The Account menu is a button with the first letter of your username.
    Click the button to display the Settings, Account and Log out.
    Account Menu

Status bar

Displays the current status of the device, events and alarms, overrides, and the program state.

  • Device state
    Displays the status of the device (Operational, Loading required, or Not running).
  • Events
    Click to view a list of events and objects in the state Alarm or Fault.
    Acknowledging current events
  • Manual overrides
    Click to view the number of objects that are physically overridden on the device.
    Manual Overrides
  • Event suppression
    Allows you to suppress receiving alarms for a specified amount of time.
    You can also turn them back on after a specified amount of time. (On or Off)

  • Acknowledge event
    Displays number of unacknowledged events.
  • Fault event
    Displays the number of fault events.
  • Out of service
    Displays current out of service statuses.
  • Acknowledge Device
    Acknowledge the entire device.
  • Save Device
    Save any changes to device. A full save can take up to 60-seconds.