①  Main menu

  • Object view
    Displays the work area, tree view, search bar, root icon and breadcrumb navigation.
    Object view
  • Configuration
    Submenus allow you to navigate, view, and engineer different device functions.
  • PPCL editor
    Allows you to edit PPCL programs in the web interface.
  • Date and time
    Displays the date and time.
  • Online documentation
    Links to the APOGEE PXC.A Web Interface User Guide (A6V12853115).
  • About
    Displays information regarding corporate information, privacy policies, terms of use, open source licenses, and applications.
  • Account menu
    The Account menu is a button with the first letter of your username.
    Click the button to display the Settings, Account and Log out.
    Account Menu

②  Status bar

  • Device state
    Displays the status of the device (Operational, Loading required, or Not running).
  • Events
    Click to view a list of events and objects in the state Alarm or Fault.
    Acknowledging current events
  • Manual overrides
    Click to view the number of objects that are physically overridden on the device.
    Manual Overrides
  • Event suppression
    Allows you to suppress receiving alarms for a specified amount of time.
    You can also turn them back on after a specified amount of time. (On or Off)

  • Acknowledge event
    Displays number of unacknowledged events.
  • Fault event
    Displays the number of fault events.
  • Out of service
    Displays current out of service statuses.
  • Acknowledge Device
    Acknowledge the entire device.
  • Save Device
    Save any changes to device. The status bar indicates whether a save is in progress, completed, or failed. The Save Device button is disabled while a save operation is in progress. A full save can take up to 60-seconds.