The following table outlines the Account menu submenu.

Account menu options






View settings

  • Keep room user logged in: The effect of this toggle depends on the role of the currently logged user. The setting of this toggle persists until the cache is cleared. See Managing automatic logout
  • Show unused objects: Toggle ON to display unused objects during the current session.
  • Maximum multistate values: Allows the user to enter a number of enumerated values of an object property. The default value is 20. For example, if the Signal Type property for an Analog Input object has 27 enumerations, the user must change this setting to something greater than 27 in order to see or select them all.



Click to save your changes.

Username and user role

Displays the current Username and User role, and cannot be edited.

Date format

Select the format for dates. For example, DD.MM.YY or MM/DD/YYY.

Time format

Select the 24h or 12h time format.

Change Password button

  1. Click Change password.
  1. Enter your current password.
  1. Type and confirm a password that complies with the policy for your site.
  1. Click Save to save the new password.

Log out


Logs out the currently logged in user.