When you create analog, binary, or multistate objects which bind to physical points from the Templates application, you must configure the I/O address property. The On-board I/O bus is treated in a modular manner and has module addresses like the TX-I/O bus.

The property’s format will display as IO-?:C=?,?;. To configure the property, enter I/O bus, module, and point address numbers in place of the ?.

Defines whether the point resides on the On-board I/O bus or the TX-I/O bus.

  • Enter 0 for On-board I/O bus.
  • Enter 1 for TX-I/O bus.

Defines the clamp with the module address number and point number (ModuleAddressNumber.PointNumber).

For example, point 4 on an on-board I/O module with address 11 would be addressed as IO-0:C=11.4;. Similarly, point 2 on a TX-I/O bus module with address 5 would be addressed as IO-1:C=5.2;.