The Configuration submenus allow you to engineer a device and view information about devices and the system. Administrators, Advanced engineers, Standard engineers, and Advanced operators will have access to the Configuration submenu by default. For all other users, access can be configured in ABT Site. See User roles and access levels for more information.





Displays basic information about the local device and allows you to update the device firmware and manage the application.


Allows you to modify the IP network settings of your APOGEE device.

Node table editor

Allows you to add and remove devices from the Node table.


The Field bus and devices report contain detailed information on device configuration along with all existing field buses.


Allows you to add, delete and edit user profiles.

The Users tab only displays if you have Administrator privileges.

Field bus

Summarizes the status of the field buses on the automation station, provides an overview for direct field bus management, and allows you to test data points and log the results. Onboard I/O is treated like a field bus, similar to traditional field buses like MS/TP.

The Field bus tab is only available when field buses are connected to the automation station. For example, TX-I/O and onboard I/O.