Automation station

Primarily controls equipment, plants, and rooms. An automation station samples and processes field data, initiates control actions, communicates with its operators, and generates reports, displays, and warnings.

BACnet device

BTL-certified device that uses BACnet communication for building automation.

BACnet system

Includes 1…n BACnet devices.

APOGEE automation station

Freely programmable device using PPCL. Suitable for HVAC and building control systems.

APOGEE primary server

Provides common network functionality to the APOGEE automation stations, such as Time Server.


Powers Programming Control Language used to write programs for building control and energy management functions.


Compact automation station with limited expandability for control of air handling units, boilers, and small central plants.


Modular automation station for BACnet/IP and BACnet/SC.


Expandable primary automation station for control of chillers, medium and large central plants, as well as management and monitoring of networked building controls.