Use the following procedure to create and write a new program.

  1. Go to Object view > Templates.
  1. (Optional) Click to next to add a new PPCL Program Object to configure the program's properties first, such as Object name, Description, PPCL program execution rate, and priority.
  • Click to save each property.
  1. Click to create the program object.
  • The new program will be available in the Select program drop-down menu in the PPCL Editor.
  1. Go to the PPCL Editor.
  1. Select the program object under the Select program drop-down menu.
  1. Write the new program.
  • Type the PPCL program directly into the work area.
  • Copy and paste a PPCL program from your computer into the work area.
  1. Click Save to send the program to the controller.

Modifying a PPCL program and saving it to the controller will cause it to restart execution from the top of the program. Only statements which have been modified are recompiled on program save operations. This helps preserve LOOP and other sensitive statements, and eliminates the possibility of causing mechanical equipment disturbance when saving the program.