While a device object can be configured to become a global data server, devices are global data clients by default. However, some configuration is necessary to ensure they are part of the same ALN. Synchronization between a global data server and its clients only happens when:

  • Global data clients use the same server ALN name as the global data server.
  • Global data clients are added to the server's node table.

Use the following procedures to configure your device as a global data client.

Configuring the ALN name on a global data client device

  1. Go to Common global > Node table.
  1. Click to open the Properties of the device you want to configure as a global data client.
  1. Enter the ALN name in the ALN name property.
    NOTE: The global data client's ALN name must exactly match that of the corresponding global data server in order to synchronize a server to a client. The ALN Name property is case-sensitive.
  1. Click to save.
  • The client has been synchronized with the global data server.

Adding to the node table on a global data server device

  1. Go to Configuration > Node table editor.
  1. Click Add device.
  • Enter the Node ID. The Node ID must be the device’s BACnet Device Instance number.
  1. Click to save.
  • The client device has been added to the Node table.