Setting the Event configuration property to Command failure enables the Command failure extension. This extension detects whether the object's present value is different from the feedback value for a defined time period. For example, the Command failure extension can verify that a process change has occurred after writing a property. The Command failure extension can be applied to Binary_Output and Multistate_Output objects.

Selecting the Command failure extension enables the properties outlined in this table.

Property name


Object name reference

References the object that provides the feedback value.

Feedback property identifier

A read-only property that specifies the feedback property for the event enrollment object instance. By default, the Feedback property identifier property will be displayed numerically.

Feedback value reference

A read-only property that specifies the device object property reference of the feedback value.

Feedback value

A read-only property that provides the actual feedback value.

Time delay

Specifies the amount of time that must pass between detecting offnormal conditions and sending an event notification. Enter a time in seconds.