The PPCL Editor is globally accessible by clicking on the PPCL Editor button in the main menu.

Although any user can access the PPCL editor, only Administrator-level users can write and edit PPCL programs. Users with the appropriate access must first create program objects from the web interface or load them through a database load to use the PPCL Editor to write or edit new programs.

The PPCL Editor allows you to do the following:

  • Open an existing program.
  • Write new programs.
  • Modify existing programs.
  • Compile the entire program.
  • Save programs to the controller.
  • Troubleshoot programs.

Some PPCL statements have been changed or are no longer supported by the PXC.A controllers. See the PXC.A PPCL Manual (A6V12954390) for more information.

A change in just one line of a PPCL program can affect the operation and performance of an entire system. Any changes to PPCL programs should be carefully considered. Inexperienced users should not attempt to apply PPCL programs to building control.