In earlier versions of PPCL, such as in APOGEE PXC compact and modular controllers, you could use ACT, DEACT, ENABL, and DISABL to programmatically enable and disable lines of code. These statements are still supported in PXC.A controllers, but it is advised to use the new statements Goto(), Gosub(), or Return() to go around the logic instead of disabling and enabling lines in new programs for PXC.A controllers. Uncommenting (enabling) and commenting out (disabling) statements that use ACT, DEACT, ENABL, and DISABL cause the device to use more system resources. Commenting out or uncommenting statements or using the new statements to go around the logic have the same effect on the program, but do not use as many system resources.

There are several ways to go around logic or to comment out or uncomment lines of a PPCL program in the PXC.A controllers:

  1. Use replacement program statements.
  • Goto()
  • Gosub()
  • Return()
  1. Type # and a space at the front of a line to comment out (disable) a line.
  • Delete # and a space to uncomment (enable) a line.
  1. Select multiple lines and press CTRL+/ as a shortcut to comment out (disable) lines.
  • Press CTRL+/ again to uncomment (enable) lines.
  1. Select multiple lines.
  • Right-click > Command Palette.
  • Click Add Line Comment to comment out (disable) lines.
  • Click Add Line Comment again to uncomment (enable) lines.

See the PXC.A PPCL Manual (A6V12954390) for more information.