This document provides information about the web interface that is used to manage your primary controller. It contains the following sections:

  • Overview describes how to access the controller’s web interface and introduces elements in the main menu and status bar.
  • Object view provides an overview of the work area, applications, descriptions of icons and state indicators, and procedures for commanding properties, setting priorities, and creating objects.
  • Configuration provides an overview of submenus, navigating, viewing, and engineering different areas of your device.
  • PPCL Editor describes the PPCL Editor’s user interface and provides information about PPCL program procedures, diagnostic tools, and properties.
  • Scheduler describes how to navigate and customize the schedule feature, focusing on its user interface, modifying a schedule and its default settings, replicating daily activities, and managing exception schedules for non-routine events.
  • Trends describes the trend viewer user interface, trend log objects, and trend viewer data types and provides information about procedures related to editing and managing trend data.
  • Events describes how to create Event Enrollment objects and provides information about intrinsic and algorithmic alarming.