This manual provides an overview of the web interface for managing your primary controller. It contains the following sections:

  • Overview provides a high-level overview of the user interface, main menu and status bar, settings, events and manual overrides.
  • Object view provides an overview of the work area and its applications, an outline of icons, state indicators, and procedures for commanding properties.
  • Configuration provides an overview of submenus, navigating, viewing, and engineering different areas of your device.
  • The following sections provide a detailed overview of the user interface and procedures for using the web interface:
    • PPCL Editor allows you to create and modify PPCL programs on the controller.
    • Scheduler allows you to view and modify the weekly schedule and exceptions that override the schedule.
    • Trends allow you to create objects and track behavior over time.
    • Events allow you to configure objects to notify users about changes in condition or status.