A Trend Log object saves a record of a physical or virtual object’s behavior so you can monitor changes to the object over time. The purpose of a Trend Log is to provide historical data about an object’s performance.

Trend objects can be created by clicking next to any trendable object or by using the Templates application. Use this procedure to create a Trend Log object with a template.

Creating trend log objects with a template

  1. Go to Application > My folder > Templates.
  1. Click to open the add new Trend Log properties.
  1. The Logging Type property is set to COV by default.
  • Select Polled to collect data at specific intervals. If you choose Polled, you must also configure the Logging interval property.
  • Click to save.
  1. Configure the Object name property.
  • Click to save.
  1. Click to add the object.
  • The Trend Log object has been created and can be viewed, modified, and deleted in Object Collection > Trend Log objects.

If you start to edit an object template and make a mistake, you cannot discard changes and start over. Therefore, you must click to finish creating the object and then click to delete it.

Creating trend log objects from existing objects

  1. Go to Application > My folder > Object collection.
  1. Click on an object type from the list.
  1. Click next to the object you would like to add as a trended object.
  1. Select Click here to navigate to view the object.
  • A list containing all trend log objects will appear.
  1. Click to modify a trend object's properties.
  • Configure the Object name property.
  • Configure the Description property.
  • Configure the Logging type property.
  1. Click on a trend object to display it in the Trend Viewer.