The Device tab displays basic information about the local device and allows you to update the device firmware and manage its database.

Device settings

Clear application

Device about

Firmware update

Reboot device

Change picture

Clear device

Backup/restore database

①  Device settings

Device settings




Description of the device. For example, automation station

Object name

Name of the device. For example, AS_4


Device Instance number


Location of the device

Local date

Current date in DD.MM.YYYY format

Local time

Current local time in HH:MM:SS format

②  Device about

Device about



Model name

Device model. For example, PXC4.E16.A.

Operation URL

Web address of the device. For example,

Firmware revision

Current firmware loaded into the device. For example, FW=v02.20.121.1:44;WPC=2.0.8266529;SVS-400.2:SBC=15.01;

Serial number

Lists the serial number of the physical automation station associated with BACnet device object.

③  Reboot device

Restarts the device and keeps the existing application and device configurations.

④  Clear device

Stops the device, clears it, and clears the application configuration. The device is reset back to factory default condition. Both the application and the device configuration are cleared.

⑤  Clear application

Stops the device, clears the application and keeps the existing device configuration.
NOTE: BACnet/SC configuration is cleared, trend log data is cleared, and event log data is cleared on Clear application.

⑥  Firmware update

Allows the user to select a file and update the device's firmware. See Firmware update.

⑦  Change picture

Allows the user to upload an image that displays on the login page. See Change picture.

⑧  Backup/restore database

Allows the user to back up the current database or restore a previous version. Only Administrators, Advanced engineers, Standard engineers, and Advanced operators have this privilege by default. Access can be configured in ABT Site. See Configuring backup/restore privileges.