This procedure registers a PXC.A controller as a foreign device.

  1. Connect to device through the web interface and login as Administrator.
  1. Select Device > Infrastructure.
  1. Next to Network port for IP, click .
  1. Use the Port extension drop-down menu to select Configure BBMD/FD.
  • Click to save.
  • The IP mode, BBMD broadcast distribution table, BBMD accept FD registrations, Foreign device BBMD address, and Foreign device subscription lifetime properties become enabled.
  1. In the IP mode drop-down menu, select Foreign.
  • Click to save.
  1. Set Foreign device BBMD address to the server device that accepts the foreign device registration and click .
  • Enter the full BBMD address.
  • Use the format [BBMD IP address]:[port number]. For example,
  1. Click Activate to apply your changes.
  1. (Optional) Upload the foreign device settings to ABT Site to update the offline project data.
  • ABT Site must be connected to the same network as the BBMD. If ABT Site is connected to the same network as the foreign device, ABT cannot reach the foreign device for upload because the foreign device uses BBMD for any broadcast. Therefore, your upload will fail.
  • If the IP Mode is set to Normal, the corresponding foreign device will not appear in the BBMD's Foreign Device Table. Registration is expired right away for the corresponding foreign device.
  • Foreign device subscription lifetime determines how long the foreign device registration is valid. Updating this field sends a new registration request to the BBMD address. All PXC.A devices automatically re-subscribe after this time expires.
  • The device is now registered as a foreign device.