When manually unbundling P1 TEC subpoints, you must observe the following rules:

  • Outputs can only be defined on output hardware. They cannot be defined on input hardware. Putting an output on input hardware will result in a configuration error.
  • Inputs can be defined on input and output hardware.
  • A single P1 subpoint can be represented by multiple BACnet objects, but only one of those objects can be commanded. Commanding from more than one BACnet object will result in failure.
  1. Use a template to create an Analog or Binary object.
  1. Configure the IO address property.
  1. Configure the Subsystem property.
  • Use the drop-down menu and select TEC positioning.
  1. Configure the Process Value and Signal Value pairs.
  1. Click .
  • The P1 subpoint has been unbundled and will appear in the P1 Fln subpoints object collection.
  • Analog subpoints will appear in the Analog object collection.
  • Binary subpoints will appear in the Binary object collection.

TECs are application-based FLN devices and have the same web interface workflows as other application-based devices, such as DXRs and third party VFDs.