Notification Class objects must be configured to receive and send notifications to the appropriate recipient. Click to open its Properties. Any Notification Class object must include all the properties defined in this section.

The following table outlines the properties that must be configured to successfully create a Notification Class object.

Property name


Notification class

A read-only property that specifies the unique numeric identifier number of the object's Notification Class. The Notification class is equal to the Notification Class object's instance number.

Acknowledgment required

Indicates which alarm transitions require operator acknowledgment. Select True to require operator acknowledgment. Select False if operator acknowledgment is not required.


Specifies the alarm priorities for each type of alarm transition. Enter a value for To offnormal, To fault, or To normal.

Recipient list

Identifies the client devices that should receive a notification. Includes optional filters such as the time of day, the day of the week, and active alarm state.
NOTE: This property must be created and edited in the workstation.