Count information can be found in the Diagnostics for I/O bus node.

The count should always be 0. This count increments any time a TEC doesn't respond to a command or any time the received communication contains invalid data. Any number other than 0 indicates that there is a network problem.

Displays the number of sent commands. This count can be useful to understand the volume of traffic in your system. A value of 0 or a value that has not changed after sending commands indicates a communication issue.

Increments every time a command is written to the current value of a point.

Increments only at startup or when initiated by a user to write to the initial value of a TEC point. If this count increments automatically, a program is writing to EEPROM memory. Excessive commanding to EEPROM memory will burn out a TEC.

Displays the number of times a TEC point is released from user override.

Resetting Diagnostics for I/O bus

Although tracking diagnostics over the lifetime of a device may be useful, you may choose to reset them after troubleshooting to confirm that an issue has been resolved.

  1. Go to Object view > Field bus > P1-Fln view node.
  1. Click to open the properties of Diagnostics for I/O bus.
  1. Beneath the Diagnostics heading, click Reset.