There can only be one global data server per ALN.

To configure a controller as the global data server, you must be logged into that device’s web interface. The global data icon indicates that a device object that has been designated as the global data server. Object lists that display more than one global data icon indicate a Common global configuration error.

Use the following procedure to configure a device as a global data server:

  1. Go to Object view > Device > Infrastructure.
  1. The device object will appear at the top of the list. Click to open the device properties.
  1. Scroll down to locate the Global data server property.
  • Open the drop-down menu and select Yes.
  1. Click to save.
  1. Note the ALN Name property. You will need it to configure global data client devices. The ALN Name property is case-sensitive.
  • The device has been configured as a global data server.
    NOTE: When the system is configured for BACnet/SC, common global follows the rules of building and floor hubs. ALNs must be engineered accordingly.