This procedure configures a PXC.A controller as a BBMD.

  1. Connect to device through the web interface and login as Administrator.
  1. Select Device > Infrastructure.
  1. Next to Network port for IP, click .
  1. Use the Port extension drop-down menu to select Configure BBMD/FD.
  • Click to save.
  • The IP mode, BBMD broadcast distribution table, BBMD accept FD registrations, Foreign device BBMD address, and Foreign device subscription lifetime properties become enabled.
  1. In the IP mode drop-down menu, select BBMD.
  • Click to save.
  1. Click on the BBMD broadcast distribution table.
  1. Enter the server device that accepts the BBMD registration and click .
  • Use the format [BBMD IP address]:[port number]/subnet. For example,
  1. Return to the Network port for IP properties.
  • Click Activate to apply your changes.
  • The device is now registered as a BBMD.