Under Planned you can add visits. For newly created visitors there is an empty visit with preset dates in Visit start and Visit end. You can add any number of planned visits.

  • Visits > Visitors is displayed.
  • A visitor is created.
  1. Select the visitor, for whom you want to add a visit.
  1. Open Visits tab.
  1. If there are no empty Purpose of visit and Host fields, click Add.
  1. Under Planned, you have the following options:
  • To add an existing visit, type in one of the fields, and select the appropriate visit from the list.
  • To add a new visit, enter the following data:
    Purpose of visit (required): Enter the purpose of the visit or meeting title.
    Host (required): Enter the name of the host manually. Alternatively, you can search for a host by clicking Search. Use the initial letters of the first name, last name, or email address to perform the search. Select the host from the list and confirm your selection.
    Information such as name, email address, and telephone number are automatically filled in the form if they are stored in Identities.
    Host email (optional): Enter the email of the host.
    Host phone number (optional): Enter the phone number of the host.
    Visit start (required): The start of the visit is preset to the current date and time. You can enter another date and time.
    Visit end (required): The end of the visit is preset to the current date, 5:00 PM. You can enter another date and time.
  1. Click Save.
  • An email with the purpose of visit, the host and the date is sent to the visitor's email.
  • The visit is displayed under Planned.
  • If the visit start is today, you can check-in the visitor.