For each group that is available in Self services > Requests, the mode of approval is defined. Depending on that configuration no approval can be needed or only one or all approvers must approve.

As the approver, you are able to approve or reject the request.

  1. Open Self services > Requests.
  1. Select the access request to be approved or rejected.
  1. Click either Approve or Reject.
  1. In the Approve request dialog, click Approve.
  1. In the Reject request dialog, click Reject.
  • In the Activities list, you can check whether the request has been approved or rejected.

If the request is approved according to the configured approval mode, group membership is granted for the requester in the access control system. A notification e-mail is sent to the requester.

Connection interruption

If the connection to the access control system is interrupted at the time of the approval, the approval is cached in Security Manager. The state of the request changes to Request started, which is displayed in the Activities list.

As soon as the communication with the access control system is reestablished, all access privileges of the group are enabled for the requester. The status of the request changes to Request approved, which is displayed in the Activities list. See Checking status of requests.

Deletion of identities

The request is automatically rejected when either the requester identity or one of the approver identities is deleted. A notification e-mail informs the requester, that the request is rejected.