The Visitors dashboard allows you to check the number of visitors such as employees, guests, contractors, vendors, and business partners entering the company's facilities. Keep in mind that the Visitor Management Essentials license is required to access the dashboard and it is visible only to users with the special permission. For this, your administrator needs to assign you to the VisitorManager user role under Access > Identities. For more information, refer to: Assigning and unassigning roles.

Today: It displays the number of visitors entered the site today.

Selected period: It displays the number of visitors entered the site during the selected period.

Time series column chart

At the bottom of the screen, there is a diagram. You can hover over a blue bar of the column chart to verify the number of visitors. The vertical axis displays the number of visitors. The horizontal axis displays the time in hours of the single day or the date and day of the week during the selected period. What is displayed in the column chart depends on the period selected in the Calendar bar. For more information on the Calendar bar, refer to: Working with the calendar bar.

You can switch between the Days and 24 hours view for the selected period. The 24 hours view allows you to get an insight into the distribution of events, aggregated to 24 hours per day.

Days: Using this view you can see how many visitors entered the site at any given day.

24 hours: Using this view you can see at what time most visitors entered the site for the first time.