In Outlook you can use the Visitor Registration add-in to transfer meeting data to visitor management of Security Manager.

  • The Visitor Registration add-in is installed.
  1. In Outlook, create a meeting.
  1. Enter a title and add attendees.
  1. From the ribbon, open Visitor Registration add-in.
  • If you are part of more than one account, the currently selected account is displayed on the top left.
  • If you want to register the visitor for another account, select the account from the dropdown list.
  • On the right, visit data is displayed in the add-in section.
  • Under Planned visit, meeting data is added in the fields as follows:
    Purpose of the visit = title of the meeting
    Host = name of the sender
    Host email = email of the sender
    Visit start = start date of the meeting
    Visit end = end date of the meeting
  • For every mandatory attendee, the email address is added under Visitors in the add-in section. If visitors with the email address already exist, data of the visitor is displayed in the add-in section. Email addresses of optional attendees are not added.
  1. Under Visitors, enter visitor data if fields are empty.
  1. You can delete visitor data in the add-in section. For example, colleagues that do not need a visitor pass from the front desk, can be removed from the visitors list. This does not affect the attendees in the Outlook meeting.
  1. To transfer the meeting data as a visit to Security Manager, click Save in the add-in section.
  • A success message is displayed.
  • In Security Manager a visit with the meeting title is displayed in the Visits list.
  • For every attendee email, a visitor is displayed in the Visitors list. For the visitors, a planned visit with the meeting title is available for check-in.

Updates of an Outlook meeting that is available as a visit in Security Manager are not automatically reflected in the visit data or visitor data.

Every time you click Save in the Visitor Registration add-in, a new visit is created.

From the Outlook add-in, you cannot add attendees as visitors to an existing visit.