The Connection lost dashboard provides an overview of all devices which have been disconnected from subsystems.

Connection lost list

The connection lost list displays device type, devices, the frequency, average, and total duration of disconnections during the selected period.

Type: It visually displays the type of the device. The following types of devices can be listed in the table: Card readers, cameras or doors.

Device: It displays the name of the device. To sort devices by name, click Device in the table header. To select several devices, mark the checkbox next to the devices whose data you want to display in the column chart. To select or deselect all devices, mark the checkbox in the table header.

Count: It displays how many times the connection between the device and subsystem connected was lost.

Average duration: It displays the average duration of a disconnection.

Total duration: It displays the total duration of all disconnections.

All sites drop-down list

You can display devices that lost their connection to the subsystem at the selected site.

Therefore, select the site from the All sites drop-down list. For more information, refer to: All sites.

Tags drop-down list

You can filter devices that lost their connection to the subsystem based on a specific tag you have created.

Therefore, select the tag from the Tags drop-down list. For more information, refer to: Tags.


Connection lost chart

On the right-hand side of the screen, there is a diagram. When you select a device in the Connection lost list, it is visualized in the chart. Hovering over a blue bar of the chart will display the period and duration during which the device lost its connection to the subsystem. The horizontal axis displays the date during the selected period. The horizontal data zoom slider provides the possibility to zoom into a specific date range, allowing you to investigate the data in detail and find out the root causes of disconnections. What is displayed in the column chart depends on the period selected in the Calendar bar. For more information on the Calendar bar, refer to: Working with the calendar bar.