Print a visitor pass for planned visits or ongoing visits. You can find the print pass function in both sections: Visitors and Visits.

  • A printer has been set up and printing preferences are set to Paper size 54mm, Length 86mm, Orientation Portrait.
  1. Either open Visits > Visitors or Visits > Visits.
  1. In the Visitors list, select the visitor for whom you want to print the visitor pass.
  • Open Visits tab.
  • Click Print pass next to the visit.
  1. In the Visits list, select the visit for which you want to print visitor passes.
  • Open Visitors tab.
  • Click Print pass next to the visitor.
  1. In the print preview, choose the printer that is configured for visitor pass printouts.
  1. Under Options, make sure that the Background graphics checkbox is activated.
  1. Click Print.
  • The visitor pass printout shows the name and company of the visitor, the visit start date and the host name.