Incidents provides an overview of currently ongoing incidents related to the premises under control of the operator. Standard operating procedures (SOP) specify steps how to resolve the incidents. An incident can be any type of event that needs the operator's action for example, an alarm raised by a connected subsystem. If several alarms are sent from same location or device, all these alarms are automatically assigned to one incident until that incident is closed.

The operator will acknowledge the incident and classify the incident. Depending on the classification a preconfigured SOP is displayed. The SOP guides the operator through the required response to the incident. The SOP may include decisions, that the operator needs to take. Depending on the decision taken the SOP adapts and provides different procedure steps for different situations.

The SOP may change at any time until the incident is closed, for example if the classification is changed. Uncompleted operating procedure steps (OPS) may also disappear with the change. If already completed OPS do no longer belong to a changed SOP, they nevertheless stay in the SOP list to document the incident’s history. The type of a completed but invalid OPS is changed to Deleted.