• Privileges have been created under Privileges.
  1. In the vertical navigation, open Access > Identities.
  1. In the Identities list, select an identity to which you want to assign privileges.
  1. Open to the Privileges tab and click Edit.
  • You can assign new privileges, or you can change existing privileges.
  1. To assign new privileges, click Assign.
  • In the Privileges list, select the check box for the required Access Privileges. NOTICE! Use the Search field to search for a particular access privilege.
  • If the privilege should be valid for a certain time interval, enter dates and time in the Valid from and Valid until fields.
  • If permanent access is required, select the Indefinite check box.
  • While the Indefinite check box is selected, the Valid until field will become read-only and displays a message as Indefinite.
  • Click Assign.
  1. To change the validity of an existing privilege, click Edit and change the dates.
  • Click Assign to save the changes.
  1. To unassign an existing privilege, click Delete.
  • The privilege is removed immediately.
  1. Click Save to save your settings.