• A site is open in Lifecycle Twin.
  • The Point Cloud file for the model or component is uploaded.
  1. Go to Files > Model viewer.
  • The Model viewer displays and the left navigation menu options display 3 new icons (Views, Components, and Model files) specific to the Model viewer interface. You can toggle back to the complete list of menu options by selecting .
  1. Ensure that Views > 3D is selected.
  • The left pane displays the default view and additional views (if present). You can either use the default view or create a new view.
  1. (Optional) To create a new view, select + (Add) and specify a name for the view. Select (OK) to confirm. The view is created and displays in the navigation menu.
  1. Navigate to the view and select (Menu).
  1. Select Settings from the menu.
  • The left pane refreshes and displays the Properties, Filters, and Model files tabs.
  1. Select Model files.
  • The list of previously uploaded models display.
  1. Select the button to switch on the visibility settings for the model file.
  • The button switches on and the associated geometry of the model file is visible in the 3D user interface.
  1. Select Properties and enable the Section box and Section box edit mode fields to view a particular part of the displayed model.
  • A section of the selected model displays.
  1. To apply filters, select Filters > Add.
  • The Add filters dialog displays.
  1. From the list of existing filters, select a filter and confirm with Select.
  1. Select a color from the color palette to apply a color to a part of the component, room or segment represented by the filter.

Before applying filters, ensure that the filters are created in Assets > Components or Assets > Rooms and segments.