In the Documents page, the Documents Table view displays all the documents that have been uploaded. The user can search and filter the documents, perform different actions with them, and access the document profile view.

  1. Search bar: Search for documents by name or other attributes.
  2. Document details: Displays the name of the document, description, version, tags associated, last updated by and when.
  3. Filter: Filter the list of documents using the column filter. For more information on filtering the list of documents, see Using column filters.
  4. Action buttons:
    • Copy link: Copy the link for the document profile details.
    • Show: View the document in a viewer with the document profile open on the right. Opens the latest version of the document.
    • Download: Download the latest version of the document.
  5. Checkbox: Select the document to view the Remove and Edit buttons on the top of Table view.