• The RDS device is selected.
  1. Select the Remote data points tab.
  1. Select +.
  1. Provide the following information:
  • Name: Name of the data point displayed in the system.
  • Address: Address displayed in the controller's database (for example, "Bucket Brigade.Boolean").

Provide the data point the same name as the address.

  • Type: Data type (for example, Boolean, integer, or decimal).
  • Object type: Select Default. If you are using the BACNet communication protocol, select the correct object type from the dropdown list.

If you are using the Modbus protocol, enter the raw and end zero scale and raw and end full scale values.

The raw and full numbers are what the controller sends in the RAW format. They are used to specify the type and range of raw input signals, so that they can be suitably converted into floating point engineering values for use in the Geo SCADA database.

  1. Select Create.

Repeat the steps above for every data point you want to add.

To edit an existing data point, select the device from the Devices tab in the RDS profile page. Select the Remote data points tab and select the data point to be edited. Select Edit to edit the required values and select Save.