This section provides information on importing BIM data from Autodesk Revit and IFC to Lifecycle Twin.

Only relevant information should be selected and uploaded via Revit import.

Ensure that the field mapping for the object Id is correctly configured before starting the data export. See Mapping fields.

The Object ID in Lifecycle Twin should be mapped to a relevant unique id property of the BIM model. This ensures that during importing data from BIM to Lifecycle Twin, the information present in the unique id property is copied to the Object ID in Lifecycle Twin. See Mapping fields.

When you import metadata to Lifecycle Twin the field mapped to the Object ID field is used as unique id. If no data is available for Object ID then the unique id is generated for every entity.

The Model Viewer in Lifecycle Twin supports IFC, RVT, and Point Cloud formats.

Following extensions are supported in Point Cloud:

  • .las
  • .laz
  • .e57
  • .ptx
  • .pts