You can export and download a trend chart in various formats. The images below represent the same trend report, each displayed in one of the three different supported formats:

  1. CSV
  2. XLSX
  3. PDF

Depending on the report and data point type, the following fields may display:



  • Site name
  • Address
  • Name

Site information and the name of the report.

  • Data point name
  • Description
  • Data point type
  • Units

General data point information.

Time stamp

The collection interval end time the data was collected.


The average of all the raw values within the collection interval.


The lowest value found during the collection interval.


The highest value found during the collection interval.

Calculated difference

The difference between the calculated value at the collection interval time stamp and the last calculated value. This is specific to energy data points.

Calculated value

The estimated value at a collection interval determined by using the nearest raw values from the preceding and succeeding intervals. These values are captured at the end of each time stamp.

Depending on the type of data point, the calculation process may employ a variety of algorithms.

Event state

The current state of the data point.


Any text associated with the data point event state.