Tags standardize data and provide a method for semantic tagging and data modeling in smart buildings.

Operations Manager provides a view of tags defined for each data point within the Data Setup app. These tags serve as aids in searching and filtering data points at a site, offering categorization beyond just the data point name or description.

For example, to search for all data points related to temperature in the Operations Manager search field, select “Tags” and from the available tags list, select “temp” (Temperature). All the data points related to temperature display.

The following are supported tags:

  • Marker: A one-word string value that describes the roles of the data point. For example, a data point could be a temp setpoint so it would have both a "temp" and an "sp" marker tag.
    • A Meter tag is an example of a Marker tag used for accumulator data types, such as heating and cooling.
  • Property: A one-word string with a value associated with it. In Haystack, the tag is called a “Value” tag.

For information on creating tags and associating them to data points, go to Building X Data Setup User Guide.

For comprehensive information on tags, including a list of tags, go to the Project Haystack website.