If enabled, site-specific comfort score metrics are viewable on the site’s Building hierarchy and Devices pages, when you select the site building and then the Comfort score tab.

  1. Comfort score card
  2. Search bar
  3. Data point table

Comfort score card

The site-specific Comfort score card displays the overall condition and weighted average of the site's comfort score parameters. A site’s average comfort score (Good, Fair, Bad) is based on the summary of the device data points enabled to participate in the sites comfort score monitoring. The card displays a timestamp of the last comfort score computation, illustrating the site’s overall health at that time.

Filtering the comfort score card

Filtering the Comfort score card allows you to analyze and understand the contributions of different metrics to the overall comfort score. By clicking on the temperature (T) bar, for example, a filter is applied in the search bar, such as "T < Good," which narrows down the displayed information to only the comfort score data points that contribute to the results for temperature in the Comfort score card. This filtering helps focus on the relevant data points and gain insights into the factors affecting the comfort score.

Once the filter is applied, select a specific data point from the data point table and access detailed information about that data point in the data point detail pane.

If no data points are configured for a parameter on the Comfort score card, the bar chart will not display any values for that parameter.

Data point table

Below the Comfort score card, the filterable data points table displays the participating data points that contribute to the site’s comfort score.

To work with data points table, go to Data points.